So new I cant even afford to trade crypto's yet, but looking and learning. I came across some Ethereum Code bot, promising 13k a day etc etc...one of those "sounds to good to be true" things really. Research is varied in opinions of being a scam or not. The broker is called FTO Capital, unregistered etc...why would a bot need a broker? Anyone able to say they have used any of these kinds of crypto bots and done ok? As a father of a daughter with a disability I need to play it safe...she needs equipment I simply cant afford at this point in time.

Cheers in advance, Buck

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    "promising 13k a day etc etc...one of those "sounds to good to be true" things "... I think you have your answer already. Any legitimate broker I have ever seen would not promise such an astronomical return, I think it is very safe to say you have encountered a scam. – chytrik Feb 27 '18 at 2:07
  • My thoughts too, hoping someone has tried it/them lol. TY chytrik. – Buck Davey Feb 28 '18 at 23:42

promising 13k a day

It is almost certainly a scam. Stay well away from this.

I need to play it safe ... I simply cant afford

Don't invest in volatile high-risk products such as crypto-currencies.


Ehthereum Code is definitely get rich quick crypto scheme. They are now using fake news to promote this system. There is no technology just random variables that pop up. A quick search for Ethereum Code Scam Gal Gadot reveals how they operate and bait victims.

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