I have a blockchain account with bitcoins in but the account is held at ransom. I have to pay 2140$ to get a private key. Is there any way to report this to Blockchain.

I did a trading agreement. The dealer put my profits into a mining account on Blockchain. To retreive my funds I need to purchase a key from the dealer to have the funds released. Hope I am making sense

  • What? What? What? Do you mean blockchain.info? How can a blockchain.info-Account even be held at ransom? – ndsvw Feb 27 '18 at 8:22
  • Your question doesn't even make sence. If they have your private key (...they want to give it back to you...), they could easily transfer all your money away. So why should they ask you to pay money? – ndsvw Feb 27 '18 at 10:45

Is there any way to report this to Blockchain.

Blockchain.com and Blockchain.info are domains owned by Blockchain Luxembourg S.A. There is also a Blockchain Ltd mentioned on some of their web-pages but presumably this is a subsidiary company.

You can contact that European company through this web-page:


The domain registrant is

Name:          Blockchain Admin
Organization:  Blockchain
Street:        Rue de Merl 74
City:          Luxembourg
Postal Code:   2146
Country:       LU
Phone:         +44.07476822631
Email:         email@blockchain.info

Note that the phone number looks like a UK mobile phone (cellphone), not a Luxembourg land-line.

The founder is Nicolas Cary, an American businessman.

If the wallet at Blockchain.com was created by the dealer, it is possible that Blockchain Luxembourg S.A. in Europe would not want to get involved in a dispute between you (a third party with no business relationship to them?) and their customer (the dealer). If the account was opened in your name, that might help to get them involved.

If you believe a dealer is holding your account to ransom, you should probably contact a lawyer or the police.

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  • She does not state that her issue is with blockchain.com or blockchain.info in any way... – DIDoS Feb 28 '18 at 19:43

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