I have hit a puzzling issue in armoury. I have just started mining bitcoins again after 3 years of inactivity and I received my first payout 1 week ago (the payment was for 0.01 bitcoin). I sent the payout to an old wallet I setup in armoury in 2016 but never used. I created a new wallet address for the wallet in armoury and added it to the mining pool setup (slushpool in this case).

After a short time my first bitcoin payment was sent from slushpool to my wallet address. I checked the transaction online using blockchain.info and the transaction is visible.

However it is not visible in armoury.

I have checked the list of wallet address for the wallet in Armoury and there are 5 of them currently including the one I sent to slushpool that blockchain verifies.

Armoury won't show the newly mined bitcoin in the total amount for the wallet or any transactions against the wallet. I have tried doing an armoury rebuild and rescan but still nothing. I have other wallets in Armoury from 2016 that do show the bitcoins that I mined in 2016 which can also be conformed in blockcahin.info.

Has anyone come across this before or have any idea what may be going on? I would not want to write off what I have mined so far in favour of setting up a new wallet as that is not a solution to what could be a recurring problem.

Any help greatly appreciated


EDIT: Thank you for your reply.

I extracted the private key for the wallet address and used Electrum to transfer the coin to a wallet I setup in Electrum . After waiting an hour the transaction was confirmed.

I then generated a new wallet in armoury and transferred the coin to the armoury wallet using Electrum again.

The new armoury wallet is now showing the bitcoin although at this time it is unconfirmed I am sure it will go through OK.

The original wallet I was trying to use is still showing no transactions against it in armoury even though I extracted the private key from that wallet to do the transaction? I cannot at this time think of a logical reason why the original Wallet I setup in 2015 does not respond to new transactions. I will keep this wallet on my Armoury setup for future testing.

I have now changed slushpool to send my mined coin to this new wallet address I have created but I do not expect slushpool to send me anything for a few days yet. I will post again on this message once slushpool sends the payment to let you know how if the transactions show up in armoury.

[EDIT] Armoury is no longer working for me at all. I created a brand new wallet and had slushpool send mined bitcoin to it and they don't appear in Armoury (They do however show up in online wallet checkers with over 200 confirms at this point in time). I setup another new wallet and sent sonme bitcoin to it via electrum and they did show up but it was flagged as RBF even after 400 confirms. I transferred some more bitcoin from another source to the slushpool wallet I setup in armoury and they do not show up at all (not even RBF flagged). Armoury does show the bitcoin that I mined in 2015 however?

I think its time to ditch armoury in favour of a new wallet manager. Can anyone recommend a wallet manager that allows me to store my private keys on my local machine and not online (reasonable transfer fees has a high weighting factor in deciding my new wallet) - electrum seems up to the job but its interface is not easy to follow. What alternatives are there for Armoury which essentially does the same job?

  • So the tx in blockchain.info is confirmed? Then good. I guess your armory wallet is fully sync'd? Read on how to extract the private key from your wallet (or the seed). This can then be used to bring the funds into another wallet, or even manually create a tx and send it into another wallet. Don't delete the "non working" wallet (yet). Let us know how it goes... – pebwindkraft Mar 3 '18 at 20:37

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