Bitcoin transaction a214a2daf91691afdd491fd00d894eb3301e35bc18b5554b14e12843037e954c has an interesting output script:

PUSHDATA(33)[02085c6600657566acc2d6382a47bc3f324008d2aa10940dd7705a48aa2a5a5e33] CHECKSIG SWAP PUSHDATA(33)[03f5d0fb955f95dd6be6115ce85661db412ec6a08abcbfce7da0ba8297c6cc0ec4] CHECKSIG SWAP 3 PICK SHA256 PUSHDATA(32)[d68df9e32a147cffa36193c6f7c43a1c8c69cda530e1c6db354bfabdcfefaf3c] EQUAL 3 PICK SHA256 PUSHDATA(32)[f531f3041d3136701ea09067c53e7159c8f9b2746a56c3d82966c54bbc553226] EQUAL BOOLAND 4 PICK SIZE NIP PUSHDATA(1)[20] PUSHDATA(1)[22] WITHIN BOOLAND 3 PICK SIZE NIP PUSHDATA(1)[20] PUSHDATA(1)[22] WITHIN BOOLAND IF 3 PICK SIZE NIP 3 PICK SIZE NIP EQUAL PICK ELSE BOOLAND ENDIF

I'm very curious what this means. It is not a standard transaction type and therefore it does not have an address.

This output is redeemed using two signatures:

ScriptSig: 0[] 0[] PUSHDATA(72)[30450221009a29101094b283ae62a6fed68603c554ca3a624b9a78d83e8065edcf97ae231b02202cbed6e796ee6f4caf30edef8f5597a08a6be265d6601ad92283990b55c038fa01] PUSHDATA(71)[3044022045d08719828fbd93e49c9223e63f4d2dab2de6c568e1faa2cccb33adf2575d2c02200c00126cb0105275040a963d91e45460147e40451b590485cf438606d3c784cf01]

What does this output script mean?

  • I have last recently answered to a very similar script. basically it is early "multisig" trials, which is nowadays with P2SH much more easy. Basically the script can be easily decoded and explained, one would just have to have an idea how data behaves on the stack (FORTH like). – pebwindkraft Mar 6 '18 at 13:46

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