I'm one of those who years back had obtained some coins and then forgot about them and have since gone through new systems over the time. I just recently remembered receiving coin in a trade, and remember only the amount of coins. I do not recall which coin though.. either bitcoin or litecoin. One of the two for sure. Of course, either one is worth the hunt now.

I have all of my old drives. Some of the potentials have been reformatted and others not. I realize the chance is slim, but definitely worth hunting. I've done a lot of research and have come to the conclusion that for each drive I should use ddrescue to create a block level image and then search the image.

I will try hex search, photorec (.dat) signature search, and keyword search. I know at some point I had installed bitcoin software and remember having to download like 10-11gb file. But I also have a faint memory of using one of the online wallet generators.

So what I'm trying to figure out now, is what I should search for on these images. I'm still not sure what/if difference between litecoin and bitcoin files/signatures/patterns. I guess things have also changed over the years but not sure what and searching has me in all different directions.

I'm hoping someone has good knowledge on what would be good searches... for hex, signature and keywords to give me best shot to find my wallet or keys or even address whether bitcoin or litecoin.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you

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