I am using bitcoind. I have gone through the json-rpc api's.

listunspent [minconf=1] [maxconf=999999]    version 0.7 Returns array of unspent transaction inputs in the wallet.

listunspent method gives an unspent transaction inputs of the addresses in the wallet.

I want to get an unspent transaction inputs of one particular bitcoin address which are currently not part of our wallet. Could anyone tell me how to get that?

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You should send your addresses as following:

bitcoin-cli listunspent 0 9999999 '["1PGFqEzfmQch1gKD3ra4k18PNj3tTUUSqg","1LtvqCaApEdUGFkpKMM4MstjcaL4dKg8SP"]'

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