I'm using Diablo-D3 Miner to solo mine for a personal project. I setup Diablo-D3 Miner on my machine but since I do not want to download the entire blockchain (currently, over 200 GB) I decided to go with a "solo mining pool" known as ckpool. The issue is that they use the new stratum+tcp protocol and as far as I can tell Diablo-D3 is using the old http protocol. If I try connecting with http I get error: Cannot connect to solo.ckpool.org: Unexpected end of file from server

To resolve this issue, I tried using stratum-proxy to bridge the gap between http and stratum+tcp however in Eclipse console I'm observing the following message:

ERROR: Cannot connect to Unexpected end of file from server

I'm aware that Diablo-D3 is no longer being maintained and that there are other solutions available (such as cgminer) which are both faster and more up to date. However, I am using this for a personal project and I'm only proficient in Java so I need to get Diablo-D3 (or something equivalent written in Java) to work.


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