I'm developing python project using greenaddress API. I use pycoin package. I almost completed, but I can't resolve notification problem. Using greenaddress API, the notification received is as follow.

{'wallet_id': '139183', 'txhash':    '0fd5cdf75d8a9979b454b36ba8dc36917dfc5b3726622f5291a24f0dcd4ab27f',    'subaccounts': [37], 'value': '-207'}

I want to get raw tx from this information, but I can't. Can I get raw tx from this information by using pycoin and greenaddress API? Pls, help me.


using pycoin and greenadderss you can't getrawtransaction.

using bitcoin-core you can getrawtrasnaction as hex or encoded.

bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction "mytxid" true
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  • Thanks for your answer. I will refer to it. I have a question. Using pycoin, is it difficult to implement greenaddress api? – Coder HHC Mar 10 '18 at 2:40
  • I don't have any experiments with greenaddress, But AFAICT blockchain.info is fully compatible with pycoin and i'm pretty sure that you can get rawtransaction from blockchain. – Adam Mar 10 '18 at 7:42

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