As I understood about Proof Of Work:

  • A node verifies transactions in all block.
  • Then that node also solves a hard problem.
  • After solving successfully, that node will sends new block to whole blockchain to announce it has been solved successfully.
  • Another node will recheck and accept this block.

So I map this concept to Proof Of Stake. ( I don't know if my mapping is true or wrong)

  • A node will be selected by community by its stake.
  • A node will verify transactions in one block.
  • After verify successfully, that node will announce to whole network it has verified successfully.
  • Other nodes in network will recheck and accept this block.

My question is:

  • Do above flow correct ? If correct, what happen if selected node is a malicious node try to double spending ? Do they allow to verify in future or this block simply be rejected and other node will verify this.
  • How can all nodes in network can try to vote same node ? I means because network is big so there will be a big different data between node. How can all nodes have same strategy so can choose same node for verify.


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    Possible duplicate of What is proof-of-stake? – Osias Jota Mar 18 '18 at 0:15
  • @OsiasJota nope. I have read that post and many other document. After that, there are some thing that I don't understand and ask this question. – hqt Mar 18 '18 at 5:06
  • I recommend you shorten this question considerably, and make it clear exactly which part you don't understand. Your questions amount to asking "is my understanding correct, and if not, explain it to me again". This can only result in a rephrasing of the answers in the duplicate question. If you spend the time to craft a more specific question, you may just find that you understand the original answer better. – Jestin Mar 29 '18 at 20:18

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