I have forked the code of an altcoin to play with the param and understand the process Source here.

Now I want to solo mine to create the blocks. The miner is on my PC and the server on a Ubuntu 16.04 VM. RPC connection seems to work:

http://MyUser:[email protected]:25553/    return
{"result":null,"error":{"code":-32700,"message":"Parse error"},"id":null}

but I'm not able to generate block (with NSG). Mycoind is launched with :


But nsgminer does not generate me the blocks, I do something wrong ?

From the PC:

nsgminer -o -u MyUser -p MyPassword

Give me the return:

 [12:34:12] Probing for an alive pool
 [12:34:12] blktmpl error: Unrecognized block version, and not allowed to reduce or force it
 [12:34:12] The network difficulty has been set to 0
 [12:34:12] No suitable long-poll found for
 [12:34:16] Found block for pool 0!
 [12:34:16] Found block for pool 0!
 [12:34:16] Pool 0 communication failure, caching submissions
 [12:34:18] Found block for pool 0!
 [12:36:13] Pool 0 share became stale during submission failure, will retry as user requested
 [12:36:13] Pool 0 share became stale during submission failure, will retry as user requested
 [12:41:10] Started at [2018-03-21 12:34:12]
 [12:41:10] Pool:
 [12:41:10] Run time: 0 hrs 6 mins 58 secs
 [12:41:10] Average hash rate: 0.0069 MH/s
 [12:41:10] Solved blocks: 44
 [12:41:10] Best share difficulty: 0
 [12:41:10] Queued work requests: 13
 [12:41:10] Share submissions: 0
 [12:41:10] Accepted shares: 0
 [12:41:10] Rejected shares: 0
 [12:41:10] Accepted diff1 shares: 0
 [12:41:10] Rejected diff1 shares: 0
 [12:41:10] Hardware errors: 0
 [12:41:10] Efficiency (accepted shares * difficulty / 2 KB): 0.00
 [12:41:10] Utility (accepted shares / min): 0.00/min
 [12:41:10] Work Utility (diff1 shares accepted / min): 0.00/min

 [12:41:10] Discarded work due to new blocks: 3
 [12:41:10] Stale submissions discarded due to new blocks: 0
 [12:41:10] Unable to get work from server occasions: 0
 [12:41:10] Work items generated locally: 0
 [12:41:10] Submitting work remotely delay occasions: 1
 [12:41:10] New blocks detected on network: 1

Thanks for your help and time.

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You should run instance of node in atlest two diffrent machine and both of the need to get connected via blockchain.The reason behind need of atlest two diffrent machine is consensus protocol. To add another node,

Run same instance of code on second machine add following line in conf file:


To check if node is conneceted


is what you need

Then go with normal steps of minning,

ps: if you are trying to mine srypt based coins like ltc then i recommend sgminer

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