I'm a completely newbie to crypto so sorry in advance for stupid question. How can I send BCH to desired address using existing wallet?

I found few services with quite nice rest API or even ready libraries for few different languages but all of them require creating new wallet in their platform.

Assuming I have my own wallet and private key for it, is there any way I can transfer BCH to other specified by me wallet programmatically? It can be literally anything - rest api, node/python/php library, etc.

Monitoring transactions seems to by quite popular thing and no problem here but I found barely no information regarding sending BCH (especially from existing wallet) on the internet.


There's BTCD, a famous BTC library in Golang, which can be used with bchutil to code for BCH.

You just use BTCD as you would normally, and use bchutil for TX signing, CashAddr, etc.

Here's an example

EDIt: this answer is now outdated. Instead, use https://github.com/gcash/bchd BCHD as a drop-in replacement to btcd. You can just search for btcd tutorials and apply the same steps using the bchd library.

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