Which is the best cryptocurrency exchange on the market? It can be one-time paid or open-source, no PHP projects, no outdated, no decentralised like forkdelta.

I found BlinkTrade, which seems work only with BlinkTrade API. https://blinktrade.com/

Peatio seems very hard to integration and outdated. https://github.com/peatio/peatio

Coinffeine, I am not checked this deeply. http://www.coinffeine.com/

ViaBTC have open the server, but not full code. https://github.com/viabtc/viabtc_exchange_server

Seems there is out some system, which are using many exchanges - like Bittrex, etc. Many seems very similiar. Can you maybe mention some exchange source, which you think is preatty good. I can pay for code as well with reasonable price.

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  • Peatio Is Good !!! I can help you to run Bitcoin exchange with this. – iman Aug 26 at 10:11