I'm a complete beginner to anything and everything about cyrpto. I've been trying to research a lot about it, and I have recently just been trying to learn and understand some of the basics.

I was wondering if double spending ever happens at all?
Does it happen every day, rarely, or not at all?


This question is difficult as only the miners can answer it 100% correctly, but let me try:

You need to differentiate between:

  • successfull double spendings

Double-Spending is not really possible because of the consensus. The miners need to check wheather the bitcoins are still unspent. But: The scenario of a chain-fork (because of a 51% attack or a bug) could cause a temporary double-spend-problem. This guy tells about a bug that caused a chain-fork of 26 blocks and multiple double spends (but that seems to be happend only once).

  • and only trying to double-spend

It's not illigal to try it (so far, as I know). I tried it because I wanted to know how it works. I think, a lot of people experimented to send the same bitcoin to 2 or more different addresses at the same time but of course it did not work.

  • RBF is interesting application of "trying to double-spend". – sanket1729 Mar 28 '18 at 8:39

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