Understand that each proof of work algorithm has its pros and cons.

Difference between Hashcash proof of work algorithm and Ethash proof of work algorithm?

Nathan Aw

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Hashcash and Ethash are two different things and not directly comparable. Hashcash is the idea of using hashes for a proof of work system. it can be used with any hash function.

Ethash is a specific hash function. It is used in a hashcash proof of work system, specifically the one used in Ethereum.

Hashcash is not comparable to Ethash because it is not a hash function at all.


One major difference between them is that Ethash(Modified Dagger-Hashimoto Algorithm) is ASIC resistant due to its memory hardness (Algorithm works on precompiled dataset of size > 1GB) , whereas Hashcash algorithm is not ASIC resistant as it uses SHA-256 hash function which do not require any memory to work with.

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