I sent 0.027 BTC over a day ago with the transaction number 254d1352749e9a18effecbd6d340479d75ca4500e2da8eda1a77f51634ee3f6f

The person i sent to still says, they have not received anything yet the transaction says in my wallet it is confirmed.

What could be the problem?

  • his btc:18eCjf3zWajVvSE9AqEXJt9CaGe7oD6ohJ – BeAR LEMONeD Mar 29 '18 at 4:49

Transaction was succesful. I just verified in blockexplorer https://blockexplorer.com/tx/254d1352749e9a18effecbd6d340479d75ca4500e2da8eda1a77f51634ee3f6f

Make sure you sent this to the correct address. If yes, then ask the recipient to check in a blockexplorer. That's enough.


Same news on blockchain.info - not only is the transaction confirmed but, it is also spent so it is most certainly received.

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