At block 227837 , the coinbase TX


has the following script:


Which translates to:

03 = push the next 3 bytes to the stack ==> ok
fd7903 , the 3 bytes which are the block height ==> ok
04 = push the next 4 bytes to the stack ==> ok
000037e4 , the 4 bytes which are pushed to the stack ==> what's that?
12 == push the next 18 bytes to the stack ==> ok
4d696e656420627920425443204775696c64 = "Mined by BTC Guild" ==> ok
08 == push the next 8 bytes to the stack ==> ok
000000fb00001e0b ==> what's that?

So, what is the meaning of "000037e4" and "000000fb00001e0b"? Are they just some pool related nonce bytes, or is there a deeper meaning related to the signature?


Coinbase inputs have no requirements to be valid scripts, or any particular data at all other than the block height defined in BIP34.

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  • That is fine, but why did BTC Guide bothered to add the extra data (total 4+8 bytes) into the script? – dodo Apr 8 '18 at 17:46
  • Miners will often put extra data into the coinbase script as an extra nonoce. So instead of having to reselect all of the transactions, they can just change a value in the coinbase transaction to get a different merkle root and thus a different block. – Andrew Chow Apr 8 '18 at 21:06

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