I tried to transfer BCH from Coinbase to Ledger Nano S.The nano ledger S gave me a legacy address starting with a (1) Coinbase sent it out to a cash addr. How can I get a hold of this BCH. Looking on Blockchair I see my transaction. I see my ledger address starting with a 1 and I see the cash addr. starting with a q. Coinbase tells me I have to sync my wallet with the cash addr. Blockchain.

Can anybody help???


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It should show up in your Ledger.

Cashaddr is a representation of the underlying hash for that address. Each BCH address has a legacy and a cashaddr format. In your case, it is simply likely that the block explorer Coinbase links to defaults to showing the cashaddr format. There are explorers which will show you both, such as blockchair.

For instance, looking up the address 1FPS2Y71KhNQbugjMxAGKwsUFNbvfsYm2h on blockchair will show you it's cashaddr representation as well, which is qzwulnvalvs6gwfy9t7gz5qxs22t9fag45tpcgu32g. Funds sent to either of the above will be accessible by the same private key, in a wallet following either format. Both addresses refer to the same underlying script.

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