I downloaded Bitcoin. qt and started the sync (which was going to take about 6 days UGH) so about 4 days into it i tried to open the app and Now the app shows "error loading blkindex.dat" So i cannot access my wallet on my computer and never really got a chance to backup or encrypt anything...

I've tried using blockchain.info's desktop sync function but literally nothing happens when i press "download address list" on step 3...????

I have also tried MtGox but i can't find anywhere to upload my wallet.dat file...

Is there ANY WAY i can get my coins?

I'm running Mac OS X. Be as specific as you can please :)

  • You are running Bitcoin-Qt on iOS? Wow! (Did you mean Mac OS X?) Jan 31, 2013 at 3:46

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As long as your wallet.dat file is uncorrupted/unstolen, your coins are fine. Try backing up the wallet.dat file, uninstalling Bitcoin, then reinstalling.


Blockchain.info/wallet has the ability to import individual private keys as well. The private keys can be exported now right from the Bitcoin-Qt client (v0.7 and higher) directly without the need for pywallet or any other utility.

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