I've read about a few Python libraries that performs JSON-RPC calls to bitcoind. However, not many are actively developed/maintained, nor are they widely used in production environment. Since bitcoind evolves over time, these hard-coded Python functions may not work well with all the different versions of bitcoid -- some new functions are added while others may get deprecated.

And for any general purpose JSON-RPC library, we basically need to write all the wrappers of the function calls. It shouldn't be hard, but itself is another project.

I could've just use bitcoin-cli and let Python do subprocess calls, then the problem comes with parsing those stdout. Most of the time, they are just JSON format, except when they are not ...

Question: can anyone recommend the best solution for Python program to interact with bitcoind?

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Maybe you miss how these libraries are implemented, in fact, the standard implementation of python JSON-RPC library already discover RPC function and map to python function, here you can read the official wiki.

If you read the code of this library you cannot find the specific implementation for every method, it's a generic wrapper around the implementation of JSON-RPC standard library.

The feature of this wrapper in detail are specified in README.md file.

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