I wanted to look up the price history of bitcoin on different exchanges (in order to compare them in one graph) and I found this site with the data organized in csv type files. What do the three values correspond to?

For example in coinbase BTC/EUR the first few lines are

1429753354,300.000000000000,0.010000000000 1429766376,200.000000000000,0.010000000000 1429831674,220.000000000000,0.010000000000 1429841387,220.000000000000,0.010000000000 1430156722,205.270000000000,0.035300000000 1430156722,205.270000000000,0.064700000000 1430156880,205.330000000000,0.100000000000 1430159153,205.340000000000,0.010000000000 1430177802,209.470000000000,0.014260000000 1430192991,209.190000000000,0.022200000000 1430192991,209.110000000000,0.048500000000 1430192991,209.100000000000,0.029300000000 1430193080,209.530000000000,0.099000000000 1430220205,209.030000000000,0.100000000000 1430252864,204.480000000000,0.010000000000 1430261840,204.900000000000,0.356800000000 1430261840,204.870000000000,0.167600000000 1430261840,204.670000000000,0.156200000000 1430261840,204.660000000000,0.979400000000 1430263167,205.490000000000,0.010000000000

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Unix Time, Price, Amount of Value in the Order Book at Corresponding price.

So the first line in your example translates to Thursday, April 23, 2015 GMT time, there was an order for 0.01 bitcoins at the price of $300.

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