Bitcoin core qt generates a qr code. Can I do it with the json rpc or by some other means without using 3rd party libs? Right now, I'm using a 3rd party lib and it's working; just trying to tighten things up if possible (with licenses, dependencies and maintainability).

I'm not looking to reverse engineer C code to do it; that would be overkill for the benefit probably.

enter image description here


QR Code creation is a GUI only thing. You cannot create a QR code without using the GUI. The JSON-RPC interface only works for text based things and cannot trigger GUI actions.

  • ok I see the QR Code has nothing to do with bitcoin. It's just a flexible bar code system. Since I'm in php I found a library phpqrcode to do the job. – toddmo Apr 24 '18 at 3:15

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