how to get the confirmations of many transaction at once using bitcore node or bitcoind rpc?

I think it's possible to get the confirmation of a single transaction using getrawtransaction of bitcoind rpc, but i want to check the confirmations of multiple transaction by one call. Is it possible?


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Solutions (depending on your use case)

  1. Use JSON 2.0 batch requests (supported in Core)
  2. Use REST with binary export https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/doc/REST-interface.md
  3. Use the wallet if your set of scripts you want to watch is known. Use list transactions to get all relevant transactions of a set of keys/scripts

It is not possible in bitcoind RPC without modifying the RPC's code

As to Bitcore, I'm not aware of its RPC usage and features


Based on the developer reference guide https://bitcoin.org/en/developer-reference There doesn't seem to be a direct approach.

However, if you only care about transaction that are below certain number of confirmations, say 6, and deem anything greater than that as confirmed, then I'd simply use listsinceblock with a block header hash that's 6 below the head tip. In this case, you'll either find your transaction in this list with the confirmations field you need, or your transaction has more than 6 confirmations.

Not exactly what you look for, but could work depending on what you really care.

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