I would like to manually write a few locking and unlocking scripts to get a deeper feel for that part of the network. What is the simplest step-by-step set of instructions to set up everything needed to use Script in Windows, on regtest or some other testnet? Is it possible to do this in Bitcoin-qt, or is working in the command-line a necessity?

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You might want to check out btcdeb from kallewoof. It's a set of tools used to construct or debug bitcoin script.


There is astoundingly very few information on script and "getting started" on the net, though one can find a lot of scripts. When you want to assemble a script, just to play around with its features and implications, it gets quickly very difficult. I had answered a similiar question here in detail, to show first steps and how to go.

I am generally using unixoide type systems, so I am not 100% sure on Windows. But if you have a (regtest) daemon running, using the command line and sending it some commands should do the trick.

Basically there are 5 steps:

  1. prepare addresses & balances
  2. create a tx
  3. sign the tx
  4. adjust the scriptsig
  5. send the tx

The most critical part is in step 4, where you need to play with length of the script - and probably a lot of trial and error :-) Good luck!

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