I´m doing some educational altcoin development (for fun, NOT for money) and I have a similar problem like the guy in this thread:

New altcoin. Cpuminer gives me "booo"

I forked this coin:




If it is a shitcoin or not doesn´t matter ;)

I got the fork really easy to work, setup all my chosen parameters like port and rewards, created a new genesis block which is valid, daemon and qt-wallet are compiling and are running and connecting each other. But since there is NO "setgenerate" feature in the console inside the qt-wallet, I have no idea how to actually premine the first coins. And this is driven me nuts. I have tried to mine with "minerd" but I get 100% "BOOOOOOs". Also cgminer or bfgminer don´t work.

The guy up mentioned he changed the time inside the genesis block AND his PC, but as he is not online since February and left only a short sentence I really have no idea how to get actuall coins from my fork.

I would really appreciate if someone can help me before I plucked all my eyebrows ;P and I´m not alone

Mining the first blocks in a forked alt-chain

Thanks and regards

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