I want to burn some token of user which I have assigned during my ICO, but when I calling burnForm function of contract then it is not working . I am using code as below

MyToken newAB = MyToken.load(contractObj.getContractAddress(), web3j, credentials, gasprice, gaslimit); TransactionReceipt txnRecpt = newAB.burnFrom(new Address(address), burnValue).get();

Although this txn go into my geth server and I can see in pending transaction list but I have not able to see this txn information on etherscan.io with txn hash, and this txn never mined, So I am stuck at this point, So please anyone suggest me how I burn token from any particular account.

  • I have checked this as demo in private blockchain server but it gives allowance error.. – Sudhakar May 3 '18 at 2:12

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