Within the hex generated by createrawtransaction, I am trying to understand the output 1 hex.

The output 1 hex I have is:


Spacing out the sections:

76 a9 14 ab68025513c3dbd2f7b92a94e0581f5d50f654e7 88 ac

Breaking it down further:

76 = OP_DUP

a9 = OP_HASH160

14 = ?

ab68025513c3dbd2f7b92a94e0581f5d50f654e7 = HASH160(pubKey)



What does that 14 mean/represent?

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It's a push op code. 0x14 (20 in decimal) tells the script to that the next 20 bytes must be pushed to the stack (the hash).

You can view a full list of OP_CODEs here.


Values from 1-75 represent a number of bytes to be pushed into the stack. I that case, 14 hex is 20 dec, and will push the 20 bytes of the hash160.

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