I have made an altcoin flowing these steps: 1. Generate genesis block and modify in source code

genesis = CreateGenesisBlock(1525404232, 5226643, 0x1e0ffff0, 1, 50 * COIN);
    consensus.hashGenesisBlock = genesis.GetHash();
    assert(consensus.hashGenesisBlock == uint256S("35bd3f056789cdf9b03bda2da62b3051387a91af784314966c6b303e33ec0f0b"));
    assert(genesis.hashMerkleRoot == uint256S("52b2455696516c14fde6fb8bf13891f34a49b339b99aa863942e5cd54db71fc1"));
  1. Remove checkpoints

    checkpointData = { { { 0 , uint256S("0x35bd3f056789cdf9b03bda2da62b3051387a91af784314966c6b303e33ec0f0b")} } };

Now, I run this code in two machines (two nodes) and make them connect to each other with command "addnode ".

After that, I start mining in the first node

generatetoaddress 1 <address>

After first node create block 1, I check the chain info of the second node


and it return 0. Any suggestion for me to solve this problems?


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