What other exchanges have issued their own coin like Binance and Quoine? Who was the first to do this? I'm doing some research on the history of exchange backed tokens.

  1. http://crypto-bridge.org has BCO.
  2. https://exvo.io has the EXVO token.
  3. BleuTrade appears to have dropped their coin.
  4. Cryptopia has DOT
  5. OpenLedger has OBITS and ICOO.
  6. Waves has the WAVES Community Token.

We also got:

  • Kucoin KCS
  • Huobi HT
  • Bibox BIX
  • Ethfinex NEC
  • Coss COSS
  • CobinHood COB
  • Ethfinex NEC

I think you'd have to differentiate tokens that were created as a way to raise funds to kickstart an exchange (BNB, KCS, BIX) or tokens that are used as way to give traders incentives to use existing exchanges like HT (fees reduction) or NEC (profit sharing, governance).

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