I got the bitcoins but it's not getting added to my wallet, I even got the email etc. and it shows up but see this

Copay error message

Transaction is not available at this time

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    Can you share the error message in English? If you check the address on an explorer, so you see your coins? May 13 '18 at 12:53
  • The error message says something like "Transaction could not be found." @Yuma can you share a txid (Transaction ID)?
    – 0xb10c
    May 13 '18 at 21:41

The transaction ID would be helpful to further diagnose what went wrong, however without that information, you can try the following:

Refresh the transaction cache.

  • Go to "Settings" (gear icon)
  • Choose the BCH wallet
  • Go to "More Options"
  • Choose "Transaction History"
  • Choose "Clear Cache" to reset your transaction list.

Note that it will say 'Updating Wallet' until the list has been retrieved.

Refresh the server's cache.

  • Go to "Settings" (gear icon)
  • Choose the BCH wallet
  • Go to "More Options"
  • Go to "Wallet Addresses"
  • Choose Scan addresses for funds

Note that it will say 'Scanning Funds' until the addresses have been scanned.


check the Bitcoin Block Explorer on the transaction and/or your wallet to see what the status of the transaction is.

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