I have written a crypto trading bot. I am using some variations of EMA and Double EMA (exponential Moving average). I am not sure of the way I'm computing EMA. My current computation is as follows, - Get closing day prices of a particular symbol for n number of days (n will be period) - Then use use the EMA formulae fo compute the EMA for n number of days - Then cache this value in a database. Use the computed value for 24 hours and then upon expiry (after 24 hours) recompute EMA again.

I am pretty sure the formulae uses for EMA is correct because I'm using a good library for it and also double checked the values returned with my hand calculations.

But my question is, since crypto intra day prices massively fluctuate and my way of computing EMA is not susceptible to those changes. This is because in just taking the closing price of each day.

In order to fix this, I was thinking of computing EMA by taking hourly day or even minute data and computing for n number of periods. Hence this will take the intra day fluctuations into consideration. Am I on the right track?

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