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Have there been any books written about Ripple and Litecoin?


I found a few books on Amazon that may interest you.

These books can be very generic.

For understanding the technology, I would recommend that you read the white-paper (yellow-paper if super interested).

  1. Whitepaper-Ripple

  2. Solutions using Ripple

  3. Ripple whitepaper explained

Video Resources

  1. Ripple consensus algorithm explained

  2. Litecoin explained by its founder

P.S. As of writing this answer, there's no official whitepaper for Litecoin, as it is a fork of Bitcoin and uses similar underlying technology with the claims of being faster than its predecessor.

  • I have gone through some of them mentioned above and found it to be really helpful
    – cryptoKTM
    Jun 23 '18 at 12:53

I'm unaware of any books about Ripple. However, you can purchase an introductory e-book for new cryptoinvestors on Litecoin from the Litecoin Foundation.


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