I'm trying to setup a simple bitcoin testnet transaction using the bitcoinjs-lib npm module. It seems like I'm building the transaction correctly, and I receive the hex code but I think I'm unable to broadcast my transaction for some reason. Here is my code:

const address_1 = 'mzMVV43nRcdGdL9D6xuMez2GkHq8oN1965'; //balance: 130281960 satoshi
const address_2 = 'moCytanji9FNUsDJWVeDGdEFxtGT5psHM6'; //balance: 0 satoshi

const input = {
  sender_prev_txid: 'efc912c7ea9b6eafe129c5fcc64c76d8adc87120bf09196e56c39ced84e6eb36'

const output = {
  address: address_2,
  satoshi: 130200000

const createTestnetTransaction = (wif, input, output) => {
  const transaction = new bitcoin.TransactionBuilder(bitcoin.networks.testnet);
  const sender = bitcoin.ECPair.fromWIF(wif, bitcoin.networks.testnet);

  transaction.addInput(input.sender_prev_txid, 0);
  transaction.addOutput(output.address, output.satoshi);
  transaction.sign(0, sender);

createTestnetTransaction(wif_1, input, output);

Using the following hex code:


I receive the error: 'Error validating transaction: Transaction efc912c7ea9b6eafe129c5fcc64c76d8adc87120bf09196e56c39ced84e6eb36 referenced by input 0 of a7f8e0b48c77b5c192f301d655dffcedee1bd8aac2a5a058bb9552b4ff711002 has already been spent..'

If someone could help point out what I'm doing wrong and help my complete the transaction that would be great, thanks!

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The input you are trying to spend appears to be vout 1 in the tx.

Your current code tries to spend vout 0, which has already been spent. Try changing transaction.addInput(input.sender_prev_txid, 0); to transaction.addInput(input.sender_prev_txid, 1);

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