I know Bitcoin supports HD wallets. In simple terms, child keys are generated for the private and public keys. And the child key can be used to restore a wallet.

I was wondering whether this kind of mechanism is available for XRP?

Or is that only specific to Bitcoin?

If XRP has HD wallet support, which wallets provide that feature?

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HD wallets are coin agnostic. The BIP32 and 49 systems simply dictate how the key derivations from a root key work. Once any particular private key is generated, it functions the same way as a non-HD key.

Thus, you can technically use an HD wallet system for ripple. However, since Ripple addresses require a minimum funding of 20 XRP, which is permanently locked in that address, wallets will usually make you use only 1 address so that you aren't forced to burn 20 XRP each time you make a transaction.

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