I use bitcoin listunspent to list unspent UTXO, but found one that doesn't match my addresses, so what's that address and where is it from ?

bitcoin-cli listunspent
    "txid": "edc69b3fb53bd221129c4e0f115bdaa5227d01173a23aac2064fc29a78006714",
    "vout": 1,
    "address": "2MtkQ9MeXv9vKeFLuTPeEPfj5DQfWnL1jbw",
    "redeemScript": "0014e329000822d1b101d7940800ff2983aa54b33374",
    "scriptPubKey": "a914107caab5b5a035de348d22aa865d20db3fb1907987",
    "amount": 0.54856181,
    "confirmations": 92,
    "spendable": true,
    "solvable": true,
    "safe": true
  • It is a P2SH, so it's likely a segwit or multisig address. Does dumpprivkey 2MtkQ9MeXv9vKeFLuTPeEPfj5DQfWnL1jbw give you a private key? May 22, 2018 at 2:34

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If you have sent and received Bitcoin before, then this output is likely a change output.

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