I am implementing a payment module for bitcoins.

I have the following case. I need customers to be able to pay in bitcoins. But for some reasons I cannot use existing solutions like Bitpay.

Therefore I have thought and ended up with the following solution.

  1. We have a private key wallet of HD type, so we can generate child addresses from our master key.
  2. When a user tries to pay in Bitcoins we are generating a new address and display it to the user.
  3. We associate an address with an order id
  4. A daemon running in background is checking pending orders requesting information from Blockchain for a concrete address and checking whether this address received amount equal to an order total sum.
  5. In case there are more than X confirmations we are setting a status of an order to PAID

I wonder whether this is acceptable solutions or maybe there are some better ways to implement custom bitcoin payments ?

I would be great for any suggestions and help.


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There are existing solutions that handle payment processing for you. You can use BTCPayServer which has an API that is similar to BitPay's API.

  • Thank you so much for the answer could you provide any other solutions ? Jun 1, 2018 at 5:33

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