I create an app which allow each user to own 20 wallets that support 20 coins (btc, eth, monero, neo etc), as well as support but BTC with USD.

IF i want to retrieve last 10 transactions of user (of all coins, which include deposit, withdrawal and buy BTC with USD) based on latest date, how should it be done best?

I am thinking of firing 20 api query to get wallet transaction history, along with another api to get the buy BTC with USD from my database, and finally filter the result but i don't think it is a good way.

Deposit ETH  50
Withdraw ETH 100
Deposit BTC 100
USD<->BTC conversion 100

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Idea: Every transaction received on any wallet goes to a local database with a time stamp. That local database might just be 100 entries long. In the overview over all wallets you display info from that database.

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