I tried to use the following code:

    DeterministicKey key = DeterministicKey.deserializeB58(null , "xpub...", MAINNET);

    DeterministicHierarchy hierarchy = new DeterministicHierarchy(key)
    DeterministicKey chain = hierarchy.deriveChild(key.getPath(), false, false, new ChildNumber(0, false));
    DeterministicKey index = hierarchy.deriveChild(chain.getPath(), false, false, new ChildNumber(0, false));
    SegwitAddress segwitAddress = SegwitAddress.fromHash(MAINNET, index.getPubKeyHash());

But it doesn't return correct address. Any help here

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Zpub's would be needed for native segwit addresses. And current bitcoinj master branch does not support Zpub, it support xpub and xpub's would always derive to legacy addresses. Give a try to Segwit branch that may helps. Also take a look at this


Your problem seems similar to the given link:


Try to use bitcoinjs for the same extended public key. or try the provided solutions.

Hope this will work in your case.

  • how to use bitcoinjs for extended public key in java? Jun 12, 2018 at 11:42

You can use this Python library.

from btctools import Xpub

>>> extended = Xpub.decode('xpub123...')
>>> child = extended/0/0
>>> child.key.to_address('P2WPKH')
  • how can use this python lib in java ? Jun 12, 2018 at 20:25

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