I cloned a test coin from another altcoin for learning purpose. This had lastPoWBlock as 400 and i was able to premine using cpu miner but my chain stops at 400 blocks. It should be a PoS after 400 blocks. I scratched my head for 3 days going through the code and couldnt find the point where I am missing. Can someone please help me

  • This is impossible to tell without seeing the source code, or at least knowing which code you clones from. – Pieter Wuille Jun 16 '18 at 15:29

Proof of Stale will give you more coins after a certain time. For example Peercoin, you will get 1% more of your Peercoins every year so if you have 100 Peercoin you will have 101 in the next year. Your coins will be staked after a certain amount of time which is written in the source code. You probably need to change the time.

Proof of Stake is already activated at your coin

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