I'm running my own bitcoin cash node. However, I'm getting stuck on the block where the network hard forked for the May 15th 32mb blocksize update. I believe the version of bitcoin abc I have installed is out of date, hence why it is stuck at block 530361. Here is the version with getinfo:

  "version": 160200,
  "protocolversion": 70015,

Is my node out of date? How can I upgrade my bitcoin abc node?

I tried:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

but nothing changes in the version or protocol version with getinfo. What should I do?

  • How did you install bitcoin-abc in the first place? – Nate Eldredge Jun 19 '18 at 18:34
  • @NateEldredge I forgot how I originally installed it, awhile ago. – 2523454 Jun 19 '18 at 18:38
  • you can try apt list --installed | grep bitcoin to see if it was installed by apt-get. If not, then apt-get upgrade won't work. chances are you downloaded from download.bitcoinabc.org or built it from source. you should back up your wallet data file before any upgrade though. – Will Gu Jun 19 '18 at 18:46
  • For future readers: the Bitcoin-ABC client is (confusingly) not a Bitcoin client. – darosior Dec 28 '20 at 13:08

Yes, you need to upgrade. You have version 0.16.2, and the 32MB block support was added in 0.17.0. The latest release version is 0.17.2.

Your apt-get commands will only work if you originally installed bitcoin-abc from the apt package repository. It sounds like you didn't.

You can check if you installed from a package at all with dpkg -l bitcoinabc. If so then you can remove the package with dpkg -r bitcoinabc. Otherwise you can figure out where the bitcoin-abc binaries are installed (using which or similar) and delete them manually. Then install a new copy from scratch, either from the above-linked repository or any other way you choose. (But this time make a note of what you did!)

  • dpkg -l bitcoinabc finds no packages, so yes I believe I installed from source. I want to install new copy from the repo, so I added ppa:bitcoin-abc/ppa. How can I specify the package I want though? apt-get install (name), but it says not found for every name I try. (already ran apt-get update after adding the repo) – 2523454 Jun 19 '18 at 18:59
  • Should just be called bitcoinabc, as far as I can tell. – Nate Eldredge Jun 19 '18 at 19:22
  • @2523454: What Linux distribution / version is this? – Nate Eldredge Jun 19 '18 at 19:24
  • 0.14.04, I'm trying 0.16 now – 2523454 Jun 19 '18 at 19:35
  • No package found when running apt-get install bitcoinabc on both versions. – 2523454 Jun 19 '18 at 19:36

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