I have an account on binance and i would like to trade on the platform in the BTC/USDT market. However something does not add up to me.

Lets say at 1100 HRS 1 BTC = 6154 USDT and at 1200 HRD 1 BTC = 6180 USDT

I should therefore be having more bitcoins if i sell when 1 BTC = 6180 USDT but this does not seem to be the case. I have attached the graphic to demonstrate what i mean.

enter image description here

What is exactly happening here?

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What your screenshot is showing: You have set the amount of USDT to 30 in each case, so at the higher price, you will need to sell less BTC in order to get 30 USDT. This is different than setting the amount to a constant amount of BTC in both cases, and seeing the difference in USDT.

The math in your example:

(1 BTC/6180 USDT)(30 USDT) = (0.004854.. BTC)

(1 BTC/6154 USDT)(30 USDT) = (0.004875.. BTC)

The math, assuming you're buying/selling 0.005 BTC at the prices listed:

(6180 USDT/1 BTC)(0.005 BTC) = (30.90 USDT)

(6154 USDT/1 BTC)(0.005 BTC) = (30.77 USDT)

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