Does anyone know a good paper where the process of signature verification is explained (message+signature+public key = valid/not_valid) ??? And I mean it at a low level, with the code or pseudo-code of the algorithms doing the verification or similar. All sources I have found explain it with the verification process being pretty much a black box.

I know StackExchange is not the place to ask for references, but I haven't found what I am looking for, so someone might now a good source...

Thank you all in advance. Cheers


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Signature generation:

xRandSignPoint, yRandSignPoint = EccMultiply(Gx,Gy,RandNum)
R = xRandSignPoint % N
S = ((HashOfThingToSign + R * privKey) * (modinv(RandNum,N))) % N

Signature verification:

w = modinv(S,N)
xu1, yu1 = EccMultiply(Gx,Gy,(HashOfThingToSign * w)%N)
xu2, yu2 = EccMultiply(xPublicKey,yPublicKey,(R * w)%N)
X,Y = ECadd(xu1,yu1,xu2,yu2)
if R == X:
    print "Signature verified"

EccMultiply – elliptic curve point on scalar multiplication.

ECadd – elliptic curve 2 points addition.

Here is the original source.


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