Hey sorry but i'm totally new to this. i bought serval different currencies. i have sent bitcoin and bitcoin cash to my copay wallet. i can see the bitcoin but not the bitcoin cash. the balance has left my coinbase account. i don't understand enough to decipher what im looking at. i see input consumed and outputs created. and i see a load of confirmations. i copied and pasted the address from my wallet so i don't think i could have pasted them wrong. what are my next steps to take. ho do i check where i have send them.

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    Can you edit your post to include the addresses your transactions went to?
    – 0xb10c
    Jul 17, 2018 at 14:24

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how do I check where I have sent them?

View Recent Transactions.

View wallet activity

If they are not there, you may be able to refresh the history from the Copay servers

  • "Settings" > "Wallet" > "More Options" > "Transaction History" > "Clear cache"
  • "Settings" > "Wallet" > "More Options" > "Wallet Addresses" > "Scan addresses for funds"

You can paste the address or transaction ID into any BCH clockchain explorer (example) to check another view of the transaction in a different copy of the blockchain ledger.

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