I bought bitcoin from coinmama and sent it to my bitcoin core wallet, but after the syncing was done I don't see that my wallet has been credited. Has anyone else experienced this issue??


  • have you got the address public key you sent the btc to? check the address on a blockexplorer to see if the funds are there – Fuzzybear Jul 19 '18 at 9:17

A few questions to ask:

  1. Did you send it to the right address?
  2. Is the address's private key controlled by/imported into the bitcoin core wallet? E.g. $ bitcoin-cli importprivkey <WIF>
  3. Make sure the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain.
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You should look up your address on a block explorer (e.g. blocktrail or blockchain.info). Bitcoin transactions are public, so if yours was successful, you will see it in a block explorer.

If your transaction is visible at your address in a block explorer and not visible through your wallet, it means that your wallet is incompletely synchronized. If your transaction is not visible in a block explorer, it could mean coinmama didn't send it (or sent it to the wrong address). They should have given you a transaction ID, which you can also look up in a block explorer.

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