I tried to download Bitcoin cash ABC wallet from bitcoincash official site.

If I download zip to my computer and upload it to VirusTotal site, it says 11/62 positives. If I go to VirusTotal site and enter the zip URL to be scanned it says it is clean. SHA-256 sum is also different.

Is this normal ? Maybe someone else can test ? :/


edit: the SHA256 is the same, I initially thought it was different, maybe I compared too many at once, the main issue (warnings) remains.

clean, from url not clean, from downloaded zip


Yes, that's very usual and expected.

It is not surprising to have Bitcoin-related code in Bitcoin Core(-forks), but the malware analyzers don't understand the purpose of Bitcoin code.

Here's a real software with a Bitcoin miner (utorrent 3.4.2): https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/0e7e8526e8c4ab3c3dc938b1bb042bda07f464390a919c7f3f30caadec156549/detection

The same happens for Bitcoin Core:

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