I just created a new altcoin based on foocoin or barcoin. But now i need my wallet be synchronized. There's some way to setup a node without any cost or low cost for my wallet?

By other part, i just checked qtum qt wallet, and seems works with tokens in testnet, could i implement a personalized version for my own tokens? so i can send and receive my own tokens without a node?

The purpose is just solve the problem of nodes to funds my wallet with my new altcoins.

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If you have the source code working, genesis block mined and just need to start your network by connecting two nodes then it is possible but fiddly to do this on one local computer forcing ports to be used for each node.

However I found at $5 per month for Digital Oceans Link to create an account on Digital Ocean linux droplet were very affordable to setup a node for starting, testing and playing with your new crypto currency and network.

  • Yes i know but i heard that once time i setup differents wallets in differents the computer the nodes are not necessary because got hanlded the newtork this is right? – Sergio Ramos Jul 23 '18 at 13:20
  • someone somewhere needs to run a node, be that on a server or a local PC, someone somewhere will be paying for the electricity or cost of running it – Fuzzybear Jul 23 '18 at 14:38

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