Above site lists lots of multisig recipient addresses having 2 or more addresses like below bitcoin mainnet transaction.

getrawtransaction fe709089a2a2142b82f9f57745452eff0f5feb9d6e02a6ad87b8faf4750c8a16 true


"txid": "fe709089a2a2142b82f9f57745452eff0f5feb9d6e02a6ad87b8faf4750c8a16",

... "vin": [ { ... }, { ... } ],

"vout": [ {

  "value": 0.00010000,
  "n": 0,
  "scriptPubKey": {
    "type": "multisig",
    "addresses": [
  "value": 0.00000000,
  "n": 1,

], ... }

addmultisigaddress offers multisig address composed of below.

bitcoin-cli addmultisigaddress 2 '["2Mv4H342fBrP6aJWnSem3bstNGqmrsfJkWH", "2NA6BSeYvtaY6iRhx9ZRQdPdsAzHE6E7Kcz", "2N9sxVZHzJGCZGXLhEZ2hNQUXgWLxgHfjFQ"]'


"address": "2Mt69kBHVgAeyDcPSYtcuhDmwZGVcfgDBs6",

"redeemScript": "5221036e92f34d7cef7dd069d3cc41ac4f7aa5d08964a97fad73a9c736d0f62e086d662103a5cafce0576b6af5b963c8208ebbdf6474af31b9b5cbfce0791e3c6d4f6e8cd021029bd48294dede37c6689597ff8f33c3ad7b53eb604a1208da8dd39312825d32d653ae"

"scriptPubKey": "a9140940d70f73f5d7c3291aa5627b2c20ae46fd732387"


I created multisig address("2Mt69kBHVgAeyDcPSYtcuhDmwZGVcfgDBs6") above, and sent money to the address using createrawtransaction.

The expected result "vout.scriptPubKey.addresses" tag was


[ "2Mv4H342fBrP6aJWnSem3bstNGqmrsfJkWH", "2NA6BSeYvtaY6iRhx9ZRQdPdsAzHE6E7Kcz", "2N9sxVZHzJGCZGXLhEZ2hNQUXgWLxgHfjFQ", ],

but the result was

"addresses": [ "2Mt69kBHVgAeyDcPSYtcuhDmwZGVcfgDBs6" ],


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fe709089a2a2142b82f9f57745452eff0f5feb9d6e02a6ad87b8faf4750c8a16 is not paying out to a P2SH multisig address. It is paying out to a bare multisig address.

With your commands, you are creating a multisig address wrapped inside a P2SH address. What you have is a HASH160(redeeemScript). What you want is just an output going to n <pub1> <pub2> .... m OP_CHECKMULTISIG.

Do note that bare multisigs are rarely used these days, and nodes may reject the transaction (although it is still valid if mined). You should be using a P2SH address.

  • thanks, the term "bare multisig" would be a hint to solve. Commented Aug 1, 2018 at 9:24

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