I get this error message "1 private keys do not correspond to any input. Please check private keys provided." using blockcypher PHP API

Although I am using the right private key for the right input address.

Here is the input address used on bitcoin testnet:

$input = new \BlockCypher\Api\TXInput();

and then after finishing inputs and outputs i create the transaction:

$txSkeleton = $txClient->create($tx);

that works fine, then adding the private key for the input address:

$privateKeys = array("PRIVATE KEY");

Then when I try to sign and send the transaction I get the mentioned error:

$txClient->sign($txSkeleton,  $privateKeys);
$txSkeleton = $txClient->send($txSkeleton);

All the keys are generated using the blockcypher api.

Any Help? Thanks

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