I am using Electrum 3.2.2, I have the wallet file generated from Electrum and a password to decrypt the file. There is an error whenever I am trying to send Bitcoin out of that wallet, so I decide to create a new wallet with the same seed.

But with the same seed and same Electrum client version, the Bitcoin addresses in both wallets are completely different, and there is no balance in the newly create wallet.

I have tried to directly import the private key instead of seed to a new wallet, but I am getting a different Bitcoin address as well.

In case there is a solution for the error I mentioned before, here is the message I get:

error: {'message': 'the transaction was rejected by network rules.\n\n16: mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed (Script failed an OP_EQUALVERIFY operation)\n[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]', 'code': 1}

Edit: I have tried to validate the private key I get from Electrum on bitaddress.org, apparently the private key does not match my previous wallet address, there might be some issue with my old wallet file.


  • I have tried to sign message with the address, but failed to verify with the same wallet file under same Electrum client.

  • After exporting the seed, and using the seed on a newly created wallet, both the old wallet and new wallet show the same master public key, but with entirely different addresses list.

  • Moving the wallet file to another computer, using the latest Electrum and decrypt the file shows the same old addresses, but the transaction error persist.

The issue might be with the wallet file. I was using Electrum 3.1.3 to generate the wallet several months ago. I might have used an infected client to generate the wallet file.

Edit3: Forget to mention that I am using portable version of Electrum all this time, and it seems to be vulnerable to attack.

At the time of me generating the wallet, my computer is only one month old, not a laptop, and the windows os is directly downloaded from Microsoft and is still unactivated. No anti-virus installed, no suspicious programs or files ever downloaded, and has never noticed any weird activity happening in my computer. So, the chance of being infected is very low.

I believe I am using the official portable Electrum from electrum.org, the wallet file might be modified at the time I generate it.

  • It depends, the address you had coins before and the address it shows now, does it start with a 1 or a 3. 1 means legacy and when restoring choose legacy in the derivation path and 3 means segwit, so when restoring, choose segwit in the derivation path – Sam Sep 1 at 5:50
  • It starts with 1, I chose standard wallet when I am creating a new wallet in Electrum. – Hexcolyte Sep 1 at 6:04

The problem is properly that you have a different account number because you said that you are using addresses starts with 1 (standard) so Purpose path is 44 and it's Bitcoins so coin path is correct (0)

You have to check that you are using the same account index while you importing the seed.

On your seed path try to increase account number by one and import your seed until you get your coins.

  • I am not quite understanding about seed path, using Electrum, I can choose BIP35 option which allow me to input the seed path, it gives me m/44'/0'/0' as default, and so I should increment the number by m/44'/0'/1' m/44'/0'/2' m/44'/0'/3' and so on? – Hexcolyte Sep 1 at 7:32
  • Yes, I think that is the only option if your seed is correct. – Adam Sep 3 at 0:35

Based on what you've written here I think you may have downloaded a malware version of electrum. Reasons why I think so are given below:

  • It's not a problem with the script type. It's a legacy p2pkh address as you pointed out.

  • Electrum seeds are not bip39 but they do have a checksum in them and that is validated when you attempt a restore. Since you've successfully restored the wallet as non-bip39 it's safe to say that it's an Electrum seed and not a bip39 one so all that talk about derivation path is pointless.

  • Directly exporting and importing the private key should always work. It's not so that looks suspicious too.

  • To date there is no such thing as version 3.3.2. Did you really mean that or did you mean version 3.2.2 instead?

My suggestion would be to look at your browser history to find out the exact URL where you downloaded Electrum from. If it's anything other than electrum.org or download.electrum.org then you know that the software is malware. If it turns out you did download from the correct site ask this question in one of the community forums because this place is not appropriate for a back and forth conversation necessary for diagnoses.

  • Thank you for your input. It is a mistake from my side, should be 3.2.2. With the same wallet file, I can use on other computer with latest Electrum from electrum.org, it can be decrypted and it shows there is balance left, just cannot be sent due to that error. – Hexcolyte Sep 1 at 10:20
  • try exporting and importing some other address' private key. does it result in a different address when you import it? – Abdussamad Sep 1 at 10:23
  • It is different. – Hexcolyte Sep 1 at 10:26
  • @Hexcolyte the original wallet was created with malware then. Why haven't you checked the browser history like I told you to? – Abdussamad Sep 1 at 10:39
  • @Hexcolyte wait you are seeing the same master public key when restoring the wallet from seed? have you tried increasing the gap limit? See 1c here – Abdussamad Sep 1 at 10:42

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