I'm using bitcoinj for transferring bitcoin.

I don't know which standard bitcoinj supports? Bip32, Bip39, or Bip44

Please help who knows the answer.

Also I want convert bitcoinj standard to Bip44.

How can I do that?

Please help me.



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It appears that it supports all of the above, see documentation: https://bitcoinj.github.io/javadoc/0.14.7/:

  1. BIP32 - Class HDKeyDerivation: Implementation of the BIP 32 deterministic wallet child key generation algorithm.
  2. BIP39 - Class MnemonicCode: A MnemonicCode object may be used to convert between binary seed values and lists of words per the BIP 39 specification
  3. BIP44 - Class DeterministicKeyChain: see BIP44_ACCOUNT_ZERO_PATH

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