For purposes of extracting all transactions of an Nxt/Ardor account, it would be very useful to export the complete account ledger table. Is it then enough to just set nxt.ledgerTrimKeep=0 and nxt.ledgerAccount=ARDR-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx (the account ID in RS format) in nxt.properties or are there other settings to be changed?

How do you initiate a re-scan to generate the whole ledger table afterwards? The database re-downloading would also be an option here, however, would take more time I guess.

A good use for this would be to import the ledger table into a tool for computing taxes resulting from crypto transaction profits, e.g. CoinTracking.info.

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To generate a full ledger for a specific account set the following nxt.properties:

# Do not trim the ledger

# Only log these specific accounts

To rebuild the ledger, invoke the scan API with parameter height set to 0. This operation can run for several hours depending on your configuration.

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